Three is the magic number
for your guests.



We enable your hotel to reply in a precise and timely manner to all the enquiries coming from the official website, the main social medias (Facebook, Instagram), and the mostly used instant messaging channels (Messenger, Whatsapp).

Reactive and timely response to requests for information and availabilities.

Booking without leaving the messaging enviroment.

Re-engagement of the customer who has not booked yet after an availiability request.

A chat converts much better than a contact form.


Mobile Reservations


Request for Offer



We allow you to communicate with your guest in the best possible way, even when they are not physically inside your building.

We speed up and facilitate check-in and check-out.

We inform guests about the hotel's activities (lunch times, swimming pool, events).

We provide the guest with additional services (call a taxi, location information).

It is much easier for the guest to send a message than to call reception.


Satisfied Guests


Reduction of waiting time



Nobody opens emails, everyone watches Messenger or Whatsapp instead. Discover how instant messaging can increase yourGuest Lifetime Value.

We propose loyalty programs.

We send personalized offers.

We propose loyalty programs.

Our messaging app messages work much better than newsletters.


Opening rates


Response rates

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